Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge? 

A: This is difficult to quantify as the price depends on several factors and how long the job would take. It is therefore imperative that we come out, have a look at the job, measure it up and look at the state of the floor/walls. Occasionally we can give an estimate price over the phone if measurements are provided; however this can only be a rough estimate. 

Q: How do I arrange a quotation?

A: Give us a call, you can contact Malcolm on his mobile Tel: 07799664760 in the day time or the land line in the evening Tel: 01302 784682.

We can then call you and arrange a convenient time with you to visit; this invariably is in an evening.

Q: Is the quote free?

A: Yes, the quote is free with the exception of insurance quotes; these are charged at £20 - this is to cover time, travel and administration. However, this is refunded if the quote is accepted. 

Q: How soon can the work be done?

A: Again this depends on the size of the job. Larger jobs generally need booking in; this usually is around two or three weeks. Small jobs of approximately 1-2 days can be fitted in sooner.

In addition the tiling work has to fit around kitchen/bathroom fitting and the fitters.

Q: I want my bathroom tiling, floor and walls - which do you, do first?

A: Almost always the walls. Floors should always be done last anywhere, otherwise they can get dirty from other work in the area and work men walking in and out.

Q: Do you have any evidence of your previous work?

A: Yes, please see the photo gallery and testimonials pages. We also have a portfolio of work, please ask Malcolm to view this.

Q: Do I need to remove my old tiles?

A: This is entirely your choice, however, if we remove the tiles we charge for this. Please negotiate this with Malcolm at the time of the quote. Please note that prior to tiling walls if they are not newly plastered, they do have to be prepared. The walls have to be straight to obtain a good finish.

Q: Can you lay tiles on any floor?

A: Yes, within reason, however floors must be level, strong and not move. Many floors move - if the tiles are laid directly on unprepared floors there is always a risk of them cracking. You will be advised on the suitability of the floor and recommendations will be made.

Q: Can you fit the whole bathroom?

A: Yes, we work with qualified bathroom fitters

Q: Do you lay underfloor heating?

A: Yes, however, the connection of this has to be done by a qualified electrician.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?

A: Yes the work is guaranteed for 12 months from completion* please note our terms and conditions.

* Excluding cracked tiles from falling or heavy objects. Work is only guaranteed when specialist advice is adhered to. AA Tiling will not guarantee work that customers choose to undertake against advice from M S Tuck.